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Aurifil Cotton Mako NE 50/2

This fine, but strong, thread produces a subtle effect when used for machine quilting. It is possible to achieve very detailed quilting without an unsightly build up of thread on the quilt. It is a great alternative to silk thread for hand appliqué as cotton Mako' Ne50/2 beds down into the background for an invisible finish. Machine appliqué will have a fine delicate finish without the bulky finish of some heavier threads. Ideal for machine piecing, it makes a neat flat, accurate seam with precise points and less bulk. When used for foundation & paper piecing choose a slightly smaller stitch than used for general piecing and you will find that the papers will tear away with ease.Recommended for use in the bobbin when machine quilting with any slippery decorative threads. Perfect for miniature patchwork projects. Cotton Mako NE 50 is on the orange spools and available on mini spools of 200 metres or on spools of 1300 metres. It is available in solid colours and variagated colours.